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We care for those living with Alzheimer’s.  We build our capacity to live with creativity, compassion and empathy with real support and love in the face of constant change.  We need not lose ourselves in the process.  Inspiration Point art, events and community will support you as you actively learn with creative processes, make systems that work for you, and care for your loved one through all phases of transformation.

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Nourishing Retreats, Art Making Workshops, and Caregiver Compass Skill Building Events.



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“Foot Lake Love”

“California Retreat”


Events for Caregivers

Art Retreat for Caregivers September 8 & 9, 2023. Make art. Reflect. Be among creative community and enjoy Lake Superior.

Are you a caregiver feeling depleted or overwhelmed?  In need of not only a break, but a nourishing experience?  This retreat offers an opportunity to regain focus and sense of connection for yourself and to your loved one.  Support your path through caregiving with artmaking and build methods that center relationship, wellbeing, and communication.  Refresh through discussion among creative community, art and nature.  Say yes!  Register to retreat and refresh!

Hosted at the gorgeous Stonegate on Superior, Whitecaps House, Two Harbors, Minnesota 55616 Friday 9.8 (10 am-7 pm) and Saturday 9.9 (10 am-4 pm).

No prior art experience is needed, only a willingness to experiment. Includes: basic art supplies, materials, all sessions, two lunches & Friday night dinner. $331+tax.

Say yes!  Register to retreat and refresh!

Book Lodging: Stonegate Cabins, Find charming Two Harbors lodging at North Shore Visitor and 2 rooms are available at Whitecaps House (contact Jan).

Work with Jan

Give yourself time to reflect, take wise action and be more present.  These practices examine beliefs and discover methods that will assist you to center and support your abilties to be there with your loved one through the waves of each and every change.


Using the still life, literally, and as a metaphor, we’ll employ creative processes to reflect and gain understanding.  Make art. Discover guidance through expression.  Painting will be our primary visual method and you may also collage, write, and/or bring in movement.  If you’ve lived for more than two minutes, you are already creative.  No painting experience needed, we’ll bring our sense of curiosity and willingness to experiment forward.


Recognizing the need for space, reflection, and new methods guarantees your situation may have been, or is, overwhelming.  If you are frustrated with the system, and/or sadness weaves itself into your day, you’re not alone.  Vulnerability allowed us to feel and acknowledge our way.  I know what’s it’s like to postpone feeling, and what it’s like to work with it as I thorugh.  Not feeling postpones sadness and joy, and doesn’t allow for what we know to be true.  That doesn’t mean it’s easy.  I learned the hard way; you have better options.  Let’s work it through.


Are you a caregiver who could benefit from increased energy, momentum, and calm?  Are you interested in new methods of approaching life as you are faced with continual change? 

  • Notice behaviors challenge perceptions of living.
  • Experience grief and loss along the way.
  • Learn how to turn current understanding into new narratives and practices. 
  • Energize.  Refresh your creative-self and reset your compass

We come as we are.  We gather, work together, rest and recharge.  You’ll have support and guidance.  Insights from the group help us invent new ways to surf changes, honor and support those we love, and make meaning of this life.

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        Paintings and prints to brighten your outlook and environment.  See what intrigues you!

        “Soul Journey”

        “Resplendent Souls”

        “Summer Glory Lupins”

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