About Jan

I founded Inspiration Point Coaching in 2007 and provide life coaching, art and a variety of inspirational options to support fulfilling, vital, creative living.

I’ve come to this work after a seventeen year experience of my family’s journey with my Mom living with Alzheimer’s. We’ve learned through creative processes, trial and error, and great wisdom from each other, the community and caregivers.

As a practicing visual artist, as an administrator and educator for 20 plus years, as the eldest daughter, I believe this situation provides an extensive growth opportunity for each of us.

This work is informed by lessons learned through research, vibrant arts programs, sources of inspiration, creativity, and our deep personal experience.  You’ll gain new methods and develop a personalized approach to caregiving.  Life coaching with me transforms your experience through self-reflection, experimenting with new methods, and rediscovering your sense of humor.  Letting go of old thoughts and beliefs works wonders to free up your energy to pay attention to what matters.  Did I mention the group laughs? A lot!  Because each person is different, each group contributes to our collective knowledge.  That excites me to no end.  Groups invent and leverage their skills and capacities to invigorate and nourish their lives and the lives of others.


University of Minnesota:  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Arts; Bachelor of Science and Masters of Education, Art Education

University of Northern Colorado:  Study Abroad

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

Professional Development:  Appreciative Inquiry and Coaching, Authentic Leadership in Action (ALIA) Summer Intensive, The Art of Hosting: Conversations that Matter

Are you taking care of parents, spouses and friends living with significant brain changes?  It sounds natural and we want to ease their way.  Is it simple to care and love? Yes!  Is it easy to carry out?  Not in my experience. However, we can do it.  Navigating this new world brings paradox into full light-it’s difficult and easy, discouraging and hopeful, arduous and enlightening.  Let’s enliven our lives through caregiving as we are asked to change and respond with each new phase.

  • We use art and coaching to get at your truth.  What do you need to live meaningfully while caregiving?  Empower yourself with a process that works for you and your loved one.
  • Foster your self-care that includes trust, honesty, joy, humor.  Our hearts reopen as we learn to surf the emotional waves with more awareness and kindness.

All caregivers, professional and family members, are showing up to care for elders AND at the same time we are living our lives.  I resonated with what Bill Murray once said in an interview, “be your best at being you because it feels like home”.  How might one carry out our life purposes while caregiving?  What strategies work to “be you” in this situation?  Which methods allow you to surf this rollercoaster of caring and living meaningfully?

I could never have imagined the time, roadblocks, downright weird rules, and chaos of emotions in the years we’ve cared for my Mom.  If you’re like our family, our situation contains the spectrum of change–from vibrant living to big loss and grief.  Meanings of existence are brought to the forefront and we are grappling with and for them.  Let’s create new ways to care for our loved ones within institutions (not made for innovation), find the ease in dis-ease and meaning in life as they experience new realms.  Develop methods that allow for experience and research to inform our practices and create impactful living.  

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