Make Your Way with Caregiver Compass Events

Take a step to practice what serves to ease and nourish your mind, body and soul.  Let’s explore and support wellbeing that enables you to stay true to yourself and grow as you care for those living with Alzheimer’s.

Inspiration Point art, events and community will support you as you learn and care for your loved one through all phases of transformation.  

  • center relationships
  • attend communications
  • form a team and take wise action
  • mindfulness practices
  • create your way with art and coaching processes

    Art Retreat for Caregivers on the North Shore of Lake Superior with Jan Marie Erickson, September 8-9, 2023

    Are you caring for loved ones living with Alzheimer’s or brain conditions?  Retreat to feel inspired by this creative community and place and restore your sense of self.

    The retreat will be held at the gorgeous Stonegate on Superior, Whitecaps House, Two Harbors, MN, Friday, September 8 and Saturday, September 9.   Schedule: Friday 10 am – 7 pm and Sat. 10 am – 4 pm.

    Make. You want time to regain your sense of self, flow and joy!  No prior art experience is needed, only a willingness to experiment.

    Reflect. You’re overtired. Tired of dealing with feelings of overwhelm. We’ll learn from each other and practice methods of moving through grief and challenges.  Investigate new options that might work for you.

    Be. Caregiving requires oodles of energy and you dearly miss being among nature and in creative community. We’ll give ourselves the space to center our minds, bodies, and spirits.

    If any of these descriptions resonated with you, give yourself or someone you know this restorative, refreshing experience!

    Art Retreat September 8 & 9, 2023 

    • Schedule: Friday 10 am – 7 pm and Sat. 10 am – 4 pm.
    • Retreat cost:  $357.48
      • Includes: use of basic art supplies, materials, all sessions, two lunches & Friday night dinner. Detailed agenda coming soon.  Retreat cost does not include lodging. 
    • Registration is open–click here to register!
    • Questions?  Contact Jan Marie at (612) 402-7906 text or voicemail, and by email

    *Reserve Lodging Now! 

    1.  Stonegate on Superior Cabins are available—the retreat location is ½ mile (walk or drive).
    2. Stay at the retreat location, Whitecaps House, two bedrooms are available. Contact Jan to reserve, text or voicemail 612-402-7906.
    • Bedroom with one king bed $235.25 plus tax/night (between Thursday-Sunday) and
    • Bedroom with two twin beds, sharable, $235.25 plus tax/night (between Thursday-Sunday).

    The North Shore Visitor website is another source for all types of lodging.  The retreat is conveniently located near the town of Two Harbors.

    Make Your Day

    Thursdays, 3-4:00 pm Central Time Zone via Zoom

    Free event offered quarterly:  July 28, October 27 (2022), January 26, April 27 (2023) 

    Reclaim key elements that bring you calm and more joyful moments along the way.   The problem is, I can’t tell you what will bring you joy at this time–I may not even realize it for myself.  That’s why I use mini-collages as a method to cut through my overwhelm and discover what my current “joy of the day” might be.  Bypass *shoulds* to what is and allow yourself to feel more joy even under great stress.   

    Register for this free session by sending your interest, date of event, name and email via contact form. (on Contact Page) 

    Navigating Constant Change 

    Sundays, 2-3  pm Central Time Zone

    Starting September 25, 2022 pm Central Time Zone, Register for $20/session or $44/month one time or recurring

    Caregivers navigate through a myriad of caregiving decisions, actions and witnessing that crosses everything from logistics to sustaining emotional connections to transformation.  It can be stressful, awesome, and at times, overwhelming.  Learn practices that sustain your energy, actions and decision making.  Feel more at ease.  Find what works for you both with fabulous sharing and support along the way.  We can’t wait to meet you!  

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    Creative Living Roundtable


    Being Mortal by Atul Gwande Thursday, July 21, 7-8:00 pm

    Whole Brain Living by Jill Bolte Taylor Saturday, Jan. 21, 2023, 2-3 pm 

    Poetry Share – Bring a Poem Thursday, April 20, 7-8:00 pm

    Individual Coaching Sessions

    Email Jan to schedule a 1-1 Individual Coaching Session Contact Jan to schedule (612) 402-7906 Leave a message or text.

    Click here to purchase a private session $150

    Small Group Coaching 

    Email Jan to schedule a small group coaching session via Zoom or by appointment. Contact Jan to schedule (612) 402-7906 Leave a message or text.

    Click here to purchase a small group session – $75

    Mastermind Guest Series

    To be announced

    “Jan Marie Erickson is an ideal coach for creative people who need faith in themselves to live their best lives.  She’s smart, artistic, gifted, and deeply committed to her clients.  Both on the content side, (where invention, psychological freedom, and technical mastery are essential) and on the delivery side (where business skills and long-term planning must prevail), she has the vision and skill to support and inspire those who work with her.  If you know you have something great to achieve, but you need that extra bit of encouragement from a solid supporter, give yourself the gift of hiring Jan.”
    Martha Beck

    Author, Life Coach, Contributor to O Magazine