Enhance your career and creativity!

Imagine a life you adore, doing work you love.

I believe your creativity and contributions are essential to answering the issues facing the world.  If you are inspired, purposeful, feel compelled to enact change and are leading a creative, productive life —we all benefit.

If you’re still longing or feeling stuck in your life, Inspiration Point is the place to come (literally and figuratively) for support and direction to create a path to an enlivened personal and professional life.  Bring forth your passion, expression and leadership.

Create change with life coaching.  Much like working with a personal trainer, one builds on personal strengths and dissolves untrue thoughts and habits that hinder one from becoming, engaging or acting.  Results often include a feeling of freedom and exhilaration and a renewed energy and excitement that comes from inspired living.  Start now and bring innovative practices to your work and life.

“Jan Marie Erickson is an ideal coach for creative people who need faith in themselves to live their best lives.  She’s smart, artistic, gifted, and deeply committed to her clients.  Both on the content side, (where invention, psychological freedom, and technical mastery are essential) and on the delivery side (where business skills and long-term planning must prevail), she has the vision and skill to support and inspire those who work with her.  If you know you have something great to achieve, but you need that extra bit of encouragement from a solid supporter, give yourself the gift of hiring Jan.”
Martha Beck

Author, Life Coach, Contributor to O Magazine