Summer solstice in Minnesota requires garb that can tolerate high heat and humidity along with a “get out and play” sentiment repeated by mothers everywhere.  To my surprise, 2012 summer fashions appear to be repeating a style of my youth, the timeless shift.  Worn famously well by Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the basic A line is subtle, barely body skimming composed of brilliant color blocks or glorious floral prints.  I am choosing to add shifts of many forms this solstice.  Appearing as a play dress or proper linen press, the  mirror reflects a shift, external and internal.  Great and tiny gradations of one’s inner scape, perception and attitude.  Thus between the rains, I’ll be dressing up in and dressing to shift.

The longest day marked two personal shifts.  A nutritional shift–21 days and counting; I’ve been eating a plant rich vegan diet, inspired by Kelly and Jim’s Engine 2 story.  One of vivid garden purples and reds, lettuce edge trim and endless green.  When you see me with seams displayed, you’ll know–it’s renewal from the inside out.

A gratitude shift came as I lugged out two bags of groceries into the mist.  Just below the clouds, breaking through at sunset, gold lit the cloud to the west. Deep storm blue backlit the glow cast East, a full arch rainbow across evening skies.  Me, shreeking in delight, in my car, at the fluctuating intensity.  Chores rewarded by visual delight.  Gone by the time I tracked it home, this solstice, I’ve learned while tending small matters, groceries or waiting for the rain, it may send you over the rainbow.